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News > Dr, Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks lectures at Oxford Brookes University

Dr Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks & IP Services participated as a lecturer in a seminar and workshop entitled “Intellectual Property and Patent Information For Research and Business” at Oxford Brookes University, Postgraduate Centre, Wheatley Campus, 18-19 March 2009. He delivered a lecture entitled “Trademarks and Brands - Deriving value from your name”. Brochure notes introduced the talk thus: “Patents and other forms of IP protection run out after a number of years. Trade Marks can last forever and if looked after properly become strong brands whose value keeps growing. This session, led by a practising trade mark attorney, will look at some practical issues, using case studies, of how to obtain, maintain and grow what may become the most valuable asset of a company.”

Other presenters included Nigel Clarke from the European Patent Office, Eugene Sweeney from Iambic Innovation Ltd, an IP management and commercialisation consultancy, Donald Mair from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Richard Seymour from Johnson Matthey Plc, and David Wooldridge from Oxford Brookes Research and Business Development Office.

The event was sponsored by the BBSRC and Oxford Brookes Business School. Information on the Business School is available at:

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