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Dr Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks & IP Services joined delegates and speakers from the US, South Africa and several European countries, to attend a ‘train the trainers’ course in Paris organised by the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI). The course took place from 24-25 September 2008.

Following completion of the course Roman was certified and accredited by the Society to be an expert presenter on behalf of LESI anywhere in the world in matters of Intellectual Property and as part of a course or seminar on IP commercial exploitation.

The Licensing Executives Society International (LESI) is an association of 32 national and regional societies representing 93 countries and 12,000 individual members who have an interest in the transfer of technology, or licensing of intellectual property rights - from technical know how and patented inventions to software, copyright and trademarks. For more details, visit:

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