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Patent Renewals Payment Service


Do you think you are paying too much for your patent annuities? Would you like to potentially make huge savings on payment of these government taxes?

Companies with even just a few patents in different international jurisdictions are landed with huge bills each year for the privilege of maintaining their patent protection. For many companies much of this cost is for the ‘middlemen’ involved in the renewal.

Because we have a way of minimising the administrative charges that are added to the official government fee, Cam Trade Marks & IP Services™ can offer you a one-stop service for all countries with highly competitive rates for the renewal of your patents. This effectively allows us to offer in most cases volume-discount rates even for small numbers of renewals.

Our service is ‘pay-as-you-go’. On your part there are no commitments, no minimum orders. If you need to pay a tax even on a single patent, and like the price we offer, you instruct us with your details and we send you confirmation after the renewal. That’s all there is to it. And you can pick up the phone and speak directly with us at any time to receive a friendly and totally personalised service.

How it works

Get a taste of how much you might be expected to pay and to save. Choose a country from the example list below. These are just a handful of the countries you might have patent protection in. Look at the annuity, calculate the official fee in your preferred currency (we trade in pounds sterling, euros and US dollars) from the list for the relevant tax year and add £66 (we charge just £30 for the UK!).*
*The risk of sudden currency fluctuations will be borne by Cam Trade Marks for a period of 5 days from the price offer as shown on the invoice. This invoice will be sent electronically once an order is placed. Although we will endeavour to keep Government fees constantly updated, exceptionally there may be a change during the processing of an order, in which case a new invoice will be sent to reflect the change.

For your convenience, view the TransGlobal exchange calculator here

Currency Converter

(We have partnered with TransGlobal Payment Solutions ( to provide you with a fast secure and efficient payment service to foreign countries in implementing your order).

Your enquiry and order

To enquire about the total fees for your countries of interest, please let us know which annuity (or maintenance year for patent applications) you wish a quote for - year 1 - 20. If you are not sure of the annuity, please let us have the filing date. We will aim to respond to your request with a total fee within a maximum of 48 hours.

You may or fax us on +44(0)845 8734961

To place an order please provide the following data*:
  • Country
  • Registered Patent Number (number at Grant)
  • Application number
  • Application/filing date
  • Date of grant
  • Registered name of owner of patent
*For European patents (EP) the number of the granted patent will suffice.

Upon receipt of your order we will invoice you electronically, and upon receipt of payment we will action your order.

Records maintenance

Want to stay on top of your patent renewal records and due dates without the help of expensive out-sourced solutions or tie-ins with expensive renewal agencies? We would be happy to speak to you about cost-effective alternate solutions, including self-management IP software. Or you may maintain your records with Cam Trade Marks. We have the means of keeping your data secure and providing reliable renewal reminders in successive years. We would also provide you with a highly secure access portal which will allow you to view over the internet your records and the status of renewals.

View client portal access.

Please contact us for more details.
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