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Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks & IP Services gave a presentation at the Microsoft Research Lab as part of the UK Intellectual Property Office’s national IP Awareness campaign, March 11 2008. He represented the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

Intellectual property awareness among small and medium size businesses is generally woefully low given how important IP is to the economy and to businesses which seek to grow. That’s why the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO)’s latest stop on its nation wide tour is Cambridge - recognition that the city is a hugely dynamic and growing business centre of the UK.

Speaking before the event, which had a capacity crowd of local businessmen at Microsoft’s Roger Needham Building, off Madingley Road, Cambridge, Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks & IP Services said: “It’s a great honour to have been invited both by my professional Institute and by the UK IPO to give a presentation on this IP Awareness day. My task, representing the body of Trade Mark attorneys in this country, is to convince people that they should try to use an attorney when seeking to protect their trade marks and designs. It’s a very technical area which can get quite complex. As attorneys, we are highly trained and have significant experience in getting the best for our clients. There are many pitfalls for those trying to go it alone, and what may happen is that without the help of an attorney you might fail in your application because of some technical deficiency which was un-remedied, thus wasting quite a bit of money unnecessarily, or, if you manage to get a registration on your own (assuming there are no official objections and that a third party has not challenged it, which often happens), it may be inadequate to your real needs. Then there is the whole issue of using and safeguarding your IP once you have it registered. This is also where the help of an attorney can prove to be invaluable.”

The UK IPO is an Executive Agency of the Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS) and the official government body responsible for granting Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the United Kingdom (UK), including patents, designs and trade marks.

The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys is the official body of professionally qualified and registered trade mark attorneys numbering around 500 in the UK, and with 1600 members of various categories world wide.

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