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Dr. Roman Cholij of Cam Trade Marks, was one of the presenters of the prestigious and successful Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management (IAM) Course run by the Licensing Executives Society (LES) of Great Britain and Ireland in March 2009 at Cranfield University.

Involving three days of lectures, case studies and group work, the course, which is aimed at business professionals, covers the following topics: the basic legal concepts in IP; licensing agreement types, concepts and terms; high-level business processes for IAM; the relationships between licensing and corporate strategy; the strategic positioning of licensing activities within an organisation; the application of IA valuation approaches; the elements of successful negotiation, post-deal considerations and dispute resolution procedures; tools for managing IP and license agreements, and how business processes affect IAM.

Roman has been invited back to present at the 2010 course which will be held at the Cranfield Management Development Centre, Cranfield University. The course runs from 26 - 28 April.

The Licensing Executives Society is an international educational and networking organisation that works to improve all aspects of intellectual asset management, technology transfer and commercialisation of intellectual property.

The internationally-developed Fundamentals course is a key aspect of this endeavour and is run several times a year at various locations around the world. For more information on LES and its fundamentals course, contact Jennifer Kirkcaldy, LES Administrative Office; email: or see the website

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